Jul 12, 2017

How To Check Anna University Result Fast Online Without Page Not Loading Issue - Tips

Are you one among lakhs of students checking anna university result but couldn't load the website as it taking forever without bringing up coe1.annauniv.edu portal ?

Then this might help you to solve those issues, first of all the anna university results page is not created to handle huge traffic or number of visitors such as during the Result declaration day.

So what happens is, whenever the anna university declares its result 2017 online, suddenly huge number of students rush to the site to check their semester results.

When the simultaneous number of visitors increases, the server gets busy and couldn't handle all these sudden spike in traffic.

So, you're obviously getting Page Not Loading issue or Page Couldn't Load error, the only way to solve this is to wait and check few minutes after.

Alternative way is to check on anna university result app that is available for android OS , although that too can't deliver the result as expected.

Anna university has to work on something that will make it easier for students to check their nov/dec 2017 results or may/june 2017 result without any hassles.

Whenever the result day arrives, students remember the only message of " This site can't be reached " error message that appears on the browser when tried to access the anna university result portal of coe.annauniv.edu or aucoe.annauniv.edu .

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So, kindly students can pass this news to their respective colleges, then they can pass on to university to address this issue.

Steps to Check Your Anna university results Fast

  • Open New Incognito Window on your browser
  • Close All Other Tabs if it's open
  • Use Fast Internet Connectivity
  • Try Loading anna univ website on mobile browser
  • Don't Just press Reload, instead Try to Reload from the top of the browser itself
  • If you and few friends around you are checking the results ? Then Don't let everyone load the site as it adds load to the server
  • Try to reduce the number of requests from among your friends
  • If anyone around you able to check result , then try to check for others too from their mobile or laptop

Now its, Anna university result for nov/dec 2017 exams then it will be for anna university result for april 2017 exams.

Again, you'll face the same issue of anna university result page not opening.

So, there's a way to check anna university result fast on the web or mobile without any delays.

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